Premature: It’s Never a Good Thing

Remember when I said, and I quote: “I am not a fan of counting on things before they’ve been confirmed, but I just couldn’t wrestle over this decision any longer and even though I’ve signed no agreement yet and the sky could still fall…I’m taking my chances!”?




It’s hard to say whether I manifested my current situation by saying those words, or maybe you’re more of a “shit happens” kinda person. Rather short story, even shorter: my lease on Tyco will be of the one month variety because his owner needs to move him.


I am mini-grieving at the moment. I attempted to manage my expectations, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t working through the stages of grief over my impending “loss”. Because this is rather trivial in the grand scheme of things and no one really likes to read whiny, downer posts- I promise this will be the last time I pull an Artax regarding this particular issue.




Of course somewhere in the middle of “Anger” and “Bargaining” my useless brain throws Charlie in my face.



Thanks for that… so helpful.


So there you have it, I may squeak a few rides in before he moves but otherwise it’s back to the drawing board!


Thank goodness I still have my fabulous lessons and super friends who graciously share their critters with me. My personal progress will slow with one ride a week but I can accept that- well, I’m working on accepting that! 😉




11 thoughts on “Premature: It’s Never a Good Thing

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! Bummer. When you said, ” Because this is rather trivial in the grand scheme of things,” I really felt it. I feel that way ALL the TIME. Right now I’m all in a tizzy about a stupid saddle that I bought in good faith and it doesn’t fit my horse. I’m trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution and it’s like this dumb piece of leather is hanging over my head and consuming my thoughts. If that’s my biggest worry in life, I’m doing okay. But honestly, keep your hope alive because there are so many awesome horses out there and wonderful people who are not moving who would be delighted to have a good shareboarder like you! 🙂

    • awww thanks! I’m in a good place about it. But seriously, your saddle saga is nuts. I would NOT be nearly this composed if I were dealing with that… haha but, yes, big picture thinking sometimes helps me keep my cool.

      • Behind the scenes I’m not composed. It’s been a mentally draining week, like playing a game of chess with them. I can’t say much beyond that at this time. But I desperately want to chronicle everything that’s going down.

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