ugh. These four-leggers just rip your heart out, don’t they? Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here wallowing and trying to decide what one (and by one, I mean a partial-leaser) even says/does to help.


I also just realized that lately this blog reads so much more like a soap opera than my boring real life merits. When I first started considering this lease I had no idea it would also require learning to mogul ski.



11 thoughts on “(heart)broken

    • Very disappointing. I haven’t written everything off yet, but the owner started talking about coffin joint injections and possibly nerving him and it’s too soon to tell how I would even still fit in that equation.

    • Thanks for the support, it means a lot. It really is a mixed bag of emotions- a big part of me would feel guilty bailing on the lease but if he can’t be ridden for a very extended period of time then it doesn’t make any sense. The owner has already given back my check for this month she feels so bad.

  1. Where are you located? Maybe I can help you find a lease horse, you seem like a rider I’d like to have around.

    • That’s very kind of you to say. I would love a lead on good lease scenario if you find one! I live in Bloomington, IN and they’re few and far between here.

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