Five Years!!

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Wow! WordPress just sent a notification that today is my 5-year anniversary of blogging! In some ways it feels like it has been much longer.


Since I first started blogging I have had some really interesting experiences that have added so much to my equestrian education. This wasn’t exactly the topic I wanted to write about today, but I think I’ll enjoy looking back on this short summary of all the horse things that have happened in my world in just the past five years!


  • I have lessoned at 6 different barns
  • leased 3 horses
  • switched my focus from western to english (dressage)
  • moved from Minnesota to Indiana
  • rode a pony, rode a draft horse, rode a gaited horse
  • rode bareback
  • watched a farrier shoe a horse
  • wormed a horse
  • soaked a hoof
  • caught a loose horse
  • audited a clinic
  • volunteered at the World Equestrian Games
  • purchased tack
  • volunteered at 2 therapeutic riding organizations
  • jumped a couple of teeny tiny jumps
  • taken a moonlit midnight trail ride
  • responded to an ad for a horse for sale
  • visited Keeneland Racetrack
  • taught a therapeutic riding lesson
  • bought my first pair of tall boots
  • rode in a schooling show
  • won a blue ribbon
  • rode with a double bridle
  • rode my first buck
  • acquired and rode in my own saddle
  • galloped a horse


How little and insignificant some of these seem!!! But when you’ve never owned your own horse, you never get a shot at even seeing many of these things, let alone doing them yourself. This reads like a bucket list for a beginner- and in some ways, that’s exactly what it is! I can’t believe how many of these things are “firsts” that happened for me just in the past five years. It helps me remember how far I’ve come and reminds me to enjoy the process and not get frustrated with one bad ride or to get impatient about making progress. I hope I get many more years of enjoying many more “firsts”.


I have a lot to catch you up on in the next few posts, but Happy Friday to you and Happy 5-year to me!



8 thoughts on “Five Years!!

  1. I think I am coming up on 5 years of riding in September and I can relate to the enormity of each of these firsts – but I also know that it is easy to gloss over them now and start focusing on what’s next. It is nice to look back and appreciate these milestones on our path. Congrats on a great 5 years!

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