Turf Wars

I’m feeling a little irritable this morning because some jackhole in a red mustang very nearly T-boned me in a roundabout on my way into work this morning and then had the audacity to honk at ME… What is WRONG with people?!?! PSA If you see this:




Guess who gets to stop and wait if I am already in the middle of the roundabout…unsure?! out of guesses?! I’ll give you a hint. it’s YOU, red mustang, it’s you. So get your head out of your ass, wake the f*ck up, and try not to kill us all, ok? kthanksbai.


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.47.44 PM


This lovely start to my morning threw me back to last Wednesday’s lesson. I had almost forgotten and had fully let it go until this morning’s events revved up my brain in a negative way. Last Wednesday’s lesson was not a great one, and there were many factors that contributed. I hadn’t had a lesson in over a month and I was already going into it feeling super rusty. I had ridden a few times the weekend before outside of lessons; I had a super sad, pathetic ride on Ralph (completely my fault) and then I had a really fun ride on Cruiser that ended with some delightful bareback cantering.




It’s that time of year, and the saddle I normal ride in for my lessons was coated in whitish green mold/mildew so I had the pleasure of cleaning it before my ride which made me a little late to my lesson. I struggled through the warm-up but was having some success unlocking our normal routine of heavy in the left rein and zero contact in the right. Then I had to share the arena…now, I sorta know the rules but I admittedly get confused in the moment especially when I am trying to concentrate on something. I was trying so hard to listen and follow what my instructor was asking me to do but at the same time avoid the various jumps and two other horses in the smallish arena.


A rider I had never met before brought this horse in and after a short warm up just started cantering this gelding around in circles and then started randomly blowing around the three jumps that were set up in the arena. It was fast and tense and a little out of control. Meanwhile, I’m just going slowly around the outside of the arena like “wtf am I supposed to do?!?” My instructor is asking me to use the arena and keep changing directions and mixing things up so Lou doesn’t have a chance to lean heavy on the left rein and so I don’t lose my contact in the right and I’m thinking “are you nuts?! I’m going to get run the hell over.” To top it all off, the barn owner’s daughter was there taking her engagement photos- posing sweetly on the arena fence as I’m trying desperately not to photobomb. We end the lesson and I’m feeling pretty lousy. My trainer comes over and apologizes saying that the girl isn’t one of her riders. It’s a rather small barn and we mostly all know each other so everybody seems to try and make sure they don’t disrupt lessons too much. Needless to say, I was caught off guard and felt bad and pissed off at the same time. My trainer made a good point- she said the warm up arena at shows can be like this- she said people just lose their damn minds and you have to assert yourself to some degree or you won’t get your own warm-up in. I gave up all of the arena to this rider who took full advantage and did not give a flying f*ck that I was taking a lesson and clearly riding at a much lower level than she was. Again…what is WRONG with people?!


Later, I realize that the rider was basically just trying to tire the gelding out so he’d behave for engagement photos. YOU COULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE!?!?!?!??!





TGIF, rant over.






3 thoughts on “Turf Wars

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  2. ughhhhhhhhh that kinda of sh*t really annoys me, so sorry you had to deal with it!! i spend a lot of time riding while lessons are going on, and try to be really clear to the ppl taking lessons that it is *their* lesson and that they should continue as they are and i will move out of their way. usually it keeps it nice and easy, and prevents them from needing to anticipate where i’m going. but it can be difficult sometimes, and it’s really unfair to screw up someone’s lesson like that… major bummer 😦

    • Huge bummer… I kind of wanted my trainer to say something to her. Maybe that’s asking too much, idk. I just didn’t quite understand why she had to ride there when the indoor was completely free and so was the jump field across the street.

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