Rider Safety Mod

I am not from around here, I have no family here, and I live alone. Haha, what an odd way to start a blog post… I promise I’m not about to require sympathy, fear not, read on.


You never want to imagine that anything awful could happen to you while riding but obviously we all know that falling is a certainty and accidents happen if you do anything long enough. I don’t plan to stop riding anytime soon so I made an effort to plan ahead.


A year ago I bought a Road ID after reading many of your positive reviews. It is hugely valuable for me and I have it on me every single time I ride. But, EquiNovice, you don’t even have your own horse so doesn’t that mean you never ride unsupervised? Yes, that is true. I never ride alone- not because I wouldn’t, but because I can’t. So, isn’t that safer then, because someone you know could always get you help? Right you are, again! But, taking my safety one step further was necessary, and this is why:ย I have lessoned at the same barn for almost two years now, but even my trainer would have no idea how to get ahold of anyone who cares about me in case of an emergency. If I couldn’t speak for myself, I could be pretty alone in a hospital somewhere for a few days before my family even knew. My trainer’s hands would be tied; no one would be expecting me home for dinner; I don’t clock in or anything at work so it would be at least a few days until someone wondered about my absence; and even though I keep regular contact with my friends here and family back home, neither group would be too concerned unless at least a full day had gone by, and even then, they wouldn’t know where to start.


I bought the “slim” version and thought it was low profile and comfortable enough to maybe wear all the time. But with no real medical concerns that would warrant wearing a bracelet, I decided it was probably overkill for everyday wear. I’ll just make it a habit to put it on before I ride, I thought. Well, it didn’t take long before I was like “oops, forgot my road ID, oh well,” or “now where did I put that road ID so I wouldn’t lose it?”


Then I got to thinking, it would be so much easier if this precious info was attached to something that I always wear when I ride. I always wear my helmet, and I always wear my boots. I could imagine a scenario when I might be parted with my helmet, but until someone took them off of me, or cut them off of me, my boots would stick with me at least until help arrived. Conveniently, the slim ID plate fits perfectly between the “laces” of my field boots. The lips of the ID plate that would normally hold it on the bracelet ensure that the ID is nice and secure. I have been riding with the Road ID on my boot like this for a few months now and it doesn’t have a scratch and hardly even gets dirty.




I know it might be a little bit of a long-shot that first responders would be looking for medical information on my boots and a bracelet would be a MUCH more obvious place to look, but I feel comfortable knowing that I always have basic info and contact info on me every time I ride. I have told my trainer and friends I ride with that my emergency contact info is on my boot so, ideally, they’d remember that if they ever had to.




What do you think? Is this too much of a modification- will no one see it? Or, is this at least better than not having it on me at all? What other safety steps do you guys take in case of a rider emergency? Could you help a fellow rider at your barn with more than just calling an ambulance if they fell and couldn’t speak for themselves?





5 thoughts on “Rider Safety Mod

    • It is definitely a little hard to say whether it’d be visible enough… I guess I’m just taking my chances that something is better than nothing! I also gave my family a couple of emergency contacts from here-friends, my boss, my trainer so hopefully that helps tighten the safety net should anything bad happen.

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