First Date Fail

I try to keep this blog rather strictly horse related but I couldn’t resist sharing this epic disaster of a first date with you guys. You’ve stuck it out through many a horse-less month with me and you’ve earned it! haha


I’m single, busy, and live in a small city comprised primarily of available men who are outside of my age bracket. Most of my dating prospects arrive via the internet mostly because it’s the only way I can figure out how to meet people in surrounding cities in this area. I met a nice guy on Tinder a couple weeks ago whose conversation starter was “you look so familiar.” Originally, I wasn’t going to respond to that- I mean what was I going to say anyway?! And then he wrote, “I had to look twice to tell you weren’t me. Are we related?” This would likely creep the majority of you out too much to continue, and I’ll admit I was a little confused too. My only response was “What a way to start a conversation!” From there it got less weird as he explained with good humor that he really did think we looked a lot alike. I played along because I liked his wit or maybe because I love myself…


Normal texting conversation followed and he seemed to meet my standards- witty, educated/intelligent, interested, interesting, etc. He asked me out this past Saturday. We were going to go grab some Mexican food for lunch, play pool and have a drink at a local bar, and if things went well maybe go back to his house to grill steaks and meet his older brother who is staying with him briefly after just moving back into town.


Things went well, he was courteous to everyone (This is a non-negotiable for me. I will leave immediately if you are not. byeeeeeeeee) We didn’t have much trouble making conversation. He is a little on the nerdy side (he has a wallet periodic table), but that’s alright with me. I won’t bore you with the details- Lunch was good, playing pool was fun, then we went back to his house. I learned he has three cats and a really sweet beagle mix. I am obviously an animal lover but with his brother’s pair of rhodesian ridgebacks also in temporary attendance, it was quite a crowd.


We played some Atari and the little beagle mix snuggled in between us on the couch. His brother came home and we were all chatting and hanging out. All of a sudden the beagle stood up next to me AND THREW UP ALL OVER MY LAP. And I do mean all over my lap.


As an admitted emetophobe, I thought I handled the situation rather well, considering. Both guys were gentlemen and though I’m sure my date was completely and utterly mortified, they both sprang into action to grab me stuff to clean up. My date offered a pair of his sweatpants and offered to wash my jeans but alas, this is not a story about how a guy managed to get my pants off on a first date lol but it did culminate in all of us standing around in the kitchen blowdrying my wet lap. I am a walking romance novel, I know.


Needless to say, the evening was cut a little short and I headed home not long after the clean up effort. He is a really nice guy and I would see him again, if for no other reason than to tell our children the story of how we met. โค



Dogs are dicks.







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