A New Lease

I hope you’ll all help me welcome my new lease horse, Harley, to the blog! I’m sorry I have been so tight-lipped about this whole process but until he arrived at my barn I thought sure it just wouldn’t end up happening (jaded much? lol).



First day at his new barn.



But, on April 2nd, 2016 I officially became a full-leaser for the very first time! The details of the situation couldn’t have been more perfect. Harley is an 18 year old pinto Belgian Warmblood. He is owned by another rider at my current lesson barn. You may recognize the place because it is also where the CobJockey rides and Connor lives. Harley’s owner had been discussing with our trainer about retiring Harley from eventing. He has competed for the past few years but was starting to have some soundness issues. She was afraid if she sold him he would end up at a lesson barn where they would probably use him a bit too hard because he is such a good boy that he would start having soundness issues again. My trainer knows I have had the worst time finding a horse to lease and asked me what I thought about Harley and if I would be interested in trying him and talking about full-leasing. I was understandably nervous having never assumed full responsibility in prior leases, but I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Harley’s owner bought a very nice young eventing horse to bring along and I am going to get to give Harley a good job training only on the flat with me! It was a win-win. space


Walked in and promptly rolled like he owned the place


He was very confident from the moment he stepped off the trailer and the adjustment has been pretty smooth. He gets along well with his new pasture mate, Graaf, and is taking all of the new sights, sounds, and routines in stride. I was joking with my friend (who also keeps her two horses at this barn) that I have never felt more maternal in my whole life than when Harley was dropped off. I worried and fretted pretty much non-stop until I saw him eat, drink, poop, and pee with my own eyes. LOL #firsttimemom Luckily, everything seemed to be going great so when I had to go out of the country again for work last week I knew he would be well taken care of while I was gone. Of course, I still worried about him the whole time anyway.



Big boys in the front pasture


Harley is definitely the most colorful horse at this barn whose clientele includes two dressage trainers, a handful of older adult riders in the main barn, and a crew of twenty-somethings with horses on pasture board or in one of the two littler barns on the property. He got a lot of attention when we were trying on his new saddle and clothes for our first ride together at the new barn. Long time readers already know this barn because it is where I rode Tyco the little gray Andalusian I leased briefly last year. Harley and I have only had four rides together so far but I am looking forward to taking lessons  with the resident trainers here soon. I will also still be lessoning at my original place with Louie for the time being.



First ride!





Tense, but it will get better.



crummy iPhone photos








I’m in love- he’s just a total dreamboat for me and I hope I can keep him sound and happy and I can’t wait to see what we can do this summer!!





10 thoughts on “A New Lease

  1. Congratulations!! I’m so happy something’s finally worked out for you and it’s at PRF! He is gorgeous and sounds and looks like a great fit. Good luck and hope to see you around!

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