Jousting! And Blogger Meetups


When CobJockey mentioned that JenJ and her husband were in Indiana for an event that included jousting I KNEW I’d be missing out if I didn’t tag along!


The event was about an hour from where I live but I didn’t mind getting up early on a Sunday. Instructions were…cryptic…but I did my best to wear appropriate clothing that would respect the event. Sorry, now I’m being cryptic- basically it is a full-scale medieval immersion and everyone wears mostly homemade clothing reflective of the era. I don’t really own anything that fits that bill, but was told that there would be something for us to put on when we arrived. I felt a little bad walking around to the equestrian buildings in a t-shirt and black leggings but luckily CobJockey and I found each other quick and walked together.


We found JenJ in the barn and I met her, her husband, Taran and Paddy!! She gave us tunics to wear that made me feel a whole lot more comfortable to be there. CobJockey’s was plaid ::swoon:: #allplaidallthetime We got to snuggle with Paddy and I got to watch them quickly gear up for the Opening Ceremony of the event. Sean’s suit of armor is insane. My jaw was on the floor for a good majority of the prep- they look so damn legit. I watched Sean and Paddy get in barely five minutes of warm up and also quickly realized what a good rider Sean is and, of course, marveled at how handsome Paddy is.





I call this photo “Hair” for obvious reasons


After the remaining armor was applied and a few extra finishing touches, it was time to head towards the main arena.




Since this was just the opener and not actually a competition, a handful of the knights showed a preview of the big show happening later this week. It was cool to see and the crowd loved it!





Our intrepid duo about to make their first pass!


This was one of the neatest things I have seen in a long time. The part that cannot go without saying, though, is how amazing you fellow bloggers are. JenJ and Sean are basically the nicest, most hospitable people in existence…surprising virtually no one…I know. The sheer pleasure of hanging out with them is matched only by hanging out with the CobJockey and her husband! Pretty much hanging out with bloggers named Jen is a “can’t miss” experience and y’all should really get on that.




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