18 A-Team



Kind of fun to try and analyze video side by side and since these stills were in almost the exact same spot in the arena it makes it a little easier. I don’t have a great eye when it comes to this stuff but I like what appears to me to be a little more lift coming from the base of his neck/shoulders which I think is a product of us not racing quite as much as in the first photo. I also think his pelvis is more tucked underneath him. But I’m pretty much the Jon Snow of dressage… What’s your take? Am I seeing things? Which photo would a judge prefer? Do you have a crowbar I can borrow to open my hip?


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.31.42 AM


We’ve got a lesson tonight and I am hoping we can put in some more good work. Last week his right hock was pretty stiff so that was a limiting factor, but I had super rides this week so hopefully it just calls for a better warmup (I shorted him last week because I got to the barn late- shame.) Gotta give the 18 year old a chance to oil those joints!




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