Oh Happy Day

My first lesson back after a 6 week hiatus was a total win! It was great. The best part about riding someone else’s horse is that when you can’t ride, they have still been training super hard. I got to slot back in and feel like I haven’t missed a beat. She adjusted the lesson to try and make things relatively easy on my knee, but it was just as detailed in terms of pushing me to improve both my aids and my position. Getting Louie, french leather lover, to come on to the aids and lift and feel super light and ready is soooooo much easier than it was one year ago. It is a great feeling to hear my trainer comment how tall he gets and how great he is moving while I am riding him. I can’t seem to replicate this feeling much with Harley yet but I’ll allow myself to feel like I am at least on the right track.


We walked for most of the lesson and worked on half-pass. Louie is such a funny boy and often makes us laugh during lessons because he is so tolerant and forgiving but you can always tell when his brain is about to explode and he has earned a break. He will totally let me keep him there teetering on the edge of sanity for a good long while as we try to get the right result before finishing the exercise. He is never naughty and doesn’t buck or bolt, you can just feel it through his whole body that you are really pushing him outside of his comfort zone- it’s kind of this potential energy, snorty, chaotic sensation. It’s the best. He’s such a good boy.






No treats…no photos


My knee did very well. It was starting to get tired at the end of the lesson and that’s when I will have to be extra careful. I gingerly dismounted and paid very close attention to each step while untacking, grooming, and walking him back down to his barn. When I got home, I could really tell that it had been quite a bit of work for my knee. I was sore and my knee was a little swollen. I iced before going to bed knowing that I had PT the next afternoon so I needed my knee to be feeling good for another tough workout. I don’t want to push things too far too fast for fear of backsliding. Overall, I am very pleased to be back riding and thankfully with dressage, an “easy” workout doesn’t have to feel limited!



5 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

  1. omg his expressions are priceless! so glad you were able to have such a positive lesson too. fingers crossed that your knee continues to gain strength!

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