State of this Union

Man, how the hell have you all been? Notice anything different around here?

I have been doing my best to keep current with reading all of my favorite blogs but it’s been a minute since my last post. The theme has been “survival mode” over here on my side for several months now at work. It’s stressful and exhausting. I have been riding somewhat regularly thanks to a ridiculously mild winter here in Southern Indiana.

I cleaned house a little bit around here and I’m trying a new template and a sweet new EquiNovice logo that Genny made for me as a part of the blogger gift exchange! I love it, and this old blog was well overdue for a facelift! I hope you like the new style but if for any reason you don’t, or if something didn’t transfer into the new template well, I hope you’ll comment and let me know.

My handsome lease horse Harley has been good, but a little all over the place in terms of dealing with the season. He is a very sensitive horse with a dizzyingly busy mind. We have some amazing rides where he is tuned in and focused and then, for reasons I can never put my finger on, he will be spooky, completely disengaged, and frustrating to deal with both on the ground and under saddle. It’s a coin-flip which one I’ll get each night but I try to roll with it and not make my agenda the law all the time. If he is worried from the moment I pull him out of his stall, I might not ride that day- I’ll tack him up and lunge him instead. I’m trying to stick to a schedule in case some consistency and routine will help.

He’s super healthy and everyone always comments how great he looks around the barn. They can’t believe it when I remind them that he is almost 19. The only way you can really tell is when he sometimes takes a bad step behind or starts out quite stiff in his hocks, especially the right. He is due for injections but he has been sound the whole time I’ve had him and the work he does with me is much lighter than what he had been doing with his owner.

Genny sent him some delicious gingerbread treats and he LOVES them. He isn’t picky at all about treats but it was obvious he liked these more than most. Immediately after I gave him the first one he started nosing me and licking my arm for more. I have been diligently rationing them but he ate the last one last week.




So in addition to the logo and the fancy treats, Genny also got Harley a blanket tag that I decided I wanted as a bridle tag instead, and some yummy scented candles for me!


I’ve had a couple short work trips already this year and in true Harley fashion he maimed his face in protest of my absence…again. I thought it was fine when I first saw it, though it was dangerously close to his eye. Upon closer inspection and a gentle attempt to clean up some dried blood I was rewarded with a gush of smelly pus. Perfect. Thankfully, it did clean up really well and once I opened it and cleared it out it started to heal from the inside out and is almost completely healed up now. STAAAAHP trying to rip your face off when I leave town!!!



For every spooktacular shit show, we have wonderful, productive rides that end in bareback cool downs and much fun is had. I cantered Harley bareback the other day and it was definitely a trust exercise, but it went really well and no people or ponies were harmed.


fancy prancing looks best with some lipstick

He is by far the most complicated horse I have ever ridden. The minute I think I have anything figured out, he comes out and acts the opposite. Our 1-year Leaseaversary is fast approaching and while I wouldn’t say we are the best match there ever was, he has been a huge bright spot in an otherwise pretty dark year last year and I know that having him to ride; dote on; worry about; play with; care for; throw money at; or even just snuggle has made all the difference!


7 thoughts on “State of this Union

  1. good to hear from you and the blog looks great!! and even more glad to hear that things are going well with Harley man (minus the attempt at de-eyeing himself, gross buddy!). my last least horse wasn’t necessarily the most perfect match for me either, but that’s the beauty of a lease. she taught me so much and challenged me as a rider, but also gave me some of my favorite memories. here’s to hoping for a long and prosperous relationship with Harley too!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Emma! I know you know, more than most, how this feels. We are just enjoying things how they are for now and we’ll see where it goes! Harley is my longest lease to date and my first full lease. It has been a hugely valuable and mostly wonderful experience for both of us πŸ™‚

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