So this week Harley went all “Hulk smash!” on his winter blanket AND a front shoe. Bro, I get it, you want a little break, you don’t have to destroy all the things.


Ultimately neither of these things are a big deal because even though it is supposed to snow this weekend, the coldest part of the winter season has ended and he will be fine with his sheet. Plus, thanks to that same reason, blankets are on sale or coming on sale soon at most retailers. This is great because I won’t have to rush out and get him a blanket and I’ll likely be able to find a deal on one and not even have to use it this season. Who knows if he and I will still be together next winter, but at least I’ll be able to return him to his owner with blankets.

I met my friend at the barn on Sunday afternoon to have a pony playdate and another mutual friend came out to join us. Dumb me tacks Harley all up and then goes to pick his feet and darn it, sprung shoe. I untacked him, gave him a cookie, and made him come hang out in the arena with us while we took turns on my friend’s magical dressage haffie.




After one and a half days of having to stand in his stall all day while all his buddies got to go outside and play, the farrier came and reset his sprung shoe. All it cost me was my lunch hour yesterday and a couple of rides. Harley considered the cost to be very high, indeed. When I got him out of his stall for the farrier he screamed like a ninny for 20 minutes because he couldn’t see his herd. Once they *finally* listened to him came around the corner to watch the farrier work, he calmed right down and mostly snoozed through the shoe resetting. Either that, or the Be Calm I smeared all over his nose started to work…


He was delighted to go back out in the pasture and surprised me by not immediately rolling in the mud. He had the decency to wait until I went back to work.


He had to remind everyone who’s boss when I turned him back out despite throwing a loud tantrum when he couldn’t see his friends. But now when they want to come stand by him…whoa…gimme some space, man! He chased my friend’s pony away from that little hay pile right before this photo was taken. His bark is usually worse than his bite. He is mostly in to mean glares and swinging his big butt around. Me too, Harley, me too.

I’m hoping to ride him tonight and we’ll see how much mud he has managed to smush into his mane. But after earlier this week, I’ll be pleased as punch if cleanliness is the only casualty!!


5 thoughts on “Destruction

  1. see i did my blanket in the opposite way – basically shredded parts of it right when it was brand new at the beginning of the season. except. ahem. my horse may or may not *still* be wearing that exact same sheet at this exact moment in time…. .#badhorsemom over here lol. Harley really has the sweetest face tho!!

    • hahaha good strategy! did you repair it? Harley came with this one and had already worn it for at least one winter so I am way too lazy to attempt a repair. He sure is lucky he is cute… his personality has really started to blossom recently. He’s much more cuddly now than he was when he first came to my barn. ❤

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