Quick Catch Up

Here’s a mostly photo summary of the past couple of months!



  • Harley wore rock socks to celebrate me going to the Stevie Nicks concert with my friends.





  • Harley and I celebrated our 1 year Leaseaversary on April 2!! It has been a heck of a year and we have come a long way. Here are the numbers:
    • falls: 2
    • spooks: 1 million
    • saddle pads purchased: 8
    • shows: 0
    • lessons: 7
    • blankets destroyed: 1
    • cookies given: 1 million
    • bit changes: 4
    • emergency vet calls: 1
    • bananas given since last float: 0
    • nose kisses and boops: 1 million
    • cried in mane: 1, but he’d never tell
    • bareback rides: 5
    • jumps: 1
    • photos taken: 1 million






  • Went to the Hoosier Horse Fair and watched some fun demos and agreed with this tiny booth.




  • First bath of the year!!! So clean!





  • Had a few really super lessons on Louie because my trainer is a wizard.




  • Got to the barn in time to see Harley dragging around a small tree caught in his halter. I guess he decided he’d help with storm clean-up…..




All in all, its been a good but BUSY couple of months! Lots of changes are currently or about to rock my world so I’m just trying to stay cool under pressure and let the chips fall where they may.






3 thoughts on “Quick Catch Up

  1. omg that last pic tho haha, poor guy! happy 1 year with Harley and glad to see all is well πŸ™‚

    fingers crossed things go your way in the upcoming changes!

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