When Your Trainer Steals Your Horse

I just recently returned from a two-week long work trip to Brazil where I toured three hospitals (for work), visited four different cities, presented for the owner of my company’s Brazilian distributor and got bronchitis or some kind of legionnaires disease from a particularly shady Brazilian motel I accidentally ended up staying at for two nights. I’m still recovering.

I knew I was going to be gone for about 16 days so I asked my local dressage trainer if she could put a few training rides on Harley while I was gone. I figured between her rides and my friend riding him a couple times, he’d be set for training and have a couple sets of eyes looking out for him while I was away.


I left on Friday, August 4th to spend the weekend with my aunt and uncle in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was going to be back in town for about a day before leaving for Brazil. My trainer texted me on Saturday saying she thought I had already left and so she rode Harley and he was awesome. She also asked if she could ride him for her trainer (the local big name) while I was gone. Of course I agreed! Well, that was pretty much all she wrote….my trainer has fallen head over heels for my horse. The timing was oddly serendipitous because she ended up having to put her old school master down right before I left town and her other ridable horse has been off for several weeks now. So it kinda ended up that Harley, in addition to already being one of her favorite horses in the barn, was now pretty much hers for two whole weeks. She took full advantage. I had agreed to pay her for 3-4 training rides over the time I was gone. I think she rode him almost every day- I’m not even mad!!!

My friend who was supposed to ride him while I was gone gave me updates and sent pictures but told me that trainer had made it clear she would NOT be sharing Harley with my friend because he was just too much fun. (My friend has her own pony and has a great relationship with our trainer so it was all in good fun)

I got these photos from my friend:



And then this text from the Trainer:


I found this whole thing rather hilarious and super awesome. Her main riding horse is still off so she just asked me today if she could ride Harley for her trainer again tomorrow and in a clinic this weekend at our barn- UM YES. I am almost as excited to watch my trainer ride him as I would be if I were riding!

Only question is… how am I going to get my horse back???




10 thoughts on “When Your Trainer Steals Your Horse

  1. aw that’s actually really sweet!! i love when other ppl end up loving my horse haha – it’s somehow validating! but also, i’d be on top of that whole ‘getting him back’ thing lol, maybe by posting one of those old timey western “horse thieves will be shot on sight” warning signs on the Harley’s stall or something haha (all in good fun, of course)

    • totally agree- he’s my lease horse and I’m still like “yay, me! trainer likes mine best!” hahaha
      That’s also a really good idea to put up a joke “wanted” poster or similar because fo real… she is smitten

  2. Awwww, that’s so awesome! Although, who wouldn’t fall in love with Harley! He’s such a solid citizen. I love him too but I’ve never tried to steal him. šŸ™‚

  3. ha ha! This is a nice problem to have!! The only down side is that now she will expect you to ride him as well as she did. This may not be a problem for you, but for me, I was always like “great, now my trainer knows what to expect from my horse and will hold me accountable ALL THE TIME.”

    • Sigh… this is soooo true. On the one hand I’m happy because I’ve had some trouble connecting with this trainer and trying to explain what we need and I think she understands now- on the other hand, yeah, she knows what to expect from him now so all eyes are on me to perform!

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