2017 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

I was running around a little stressed out the other day as I was trying to close things out for the year at my office as well as packing to head north for Christmas. I arrived home to find a package outside my door. It was in an Amazon box so naturally I was like…dangit self! What ELSE did you buy this week?!?!?! But, upon closer inspection, there was a handwritten address label- awww yusssssss!! My Secret Santa gift!




I could not possibly be more thankful for Allison and Juice over at Pony Reboot for the perfect gifts this year! My old thinsulate lined SSG gloves finally gave up the ghost and I have had nothing to wear in the cold especially before and after rides and for auditing clinics. I asked for a pair of gloves, but I know Allison went a bit beyond the budget to get me such a nice pair and even included some treats for me and Harley, too! You guys rock and I am excited to have found a new-to-me blog to follow!




Wearing these bad boys tonight for my annual Christmas ride!!! Thank you, Allison!




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