TOABH: Worth 1k Words

Worth 1k Words.
Beka asks us to “share our favorite photos of our stud muffins.  No limit.”
Is this weird if it isn’t your own horse? Or even your current horse? Nawwwww….
Kate’s owner would totally approve!
I know this is supposed to be less words, more photos- so I’ll only say that this horse was my very first official lease, and has a very very special place in my heart. She is with a fabulous new owner now, back doing mounted patrol work and living the good life. I had the opportunity to buy her a couple years ago but having just started a new job in a new state, I was not in a position to buy a horse. I don’t regret making that decision since I know she is very happy and loved but I do often think about how much fun we could be having with my current skill set and trainer.
I’d love just one more ride.
Without further adieu… the full-blooded Belgian Draft dressage mare, Kate:

                                                                                  Big smile

Picture 5



                                                                my favorite selfie ever.


                                                   Was this just a dream I had once?!

Picture 38

    Girl’s got some skills. Balanced, sensitive, and forward. This is her former owner aboard.


Picture 15

My family meeting Kate. My grandma and my aunt visiting from Kentucky.

My family meeting Kate! My grandma and my aunt visiting from Kentucky.


                                                              Those eyelashes, though.

Picture 1

Picture 6

Hello, Gorgeous!

                                                                         Hello, Gorgeous!





Picture 8



                cute butt


Picture 20


The dapples…the willow trees around the dressage court…the light! ugh, take me back there!


All Dressed Up

Sunny is lame…again, so, since my horse doctoring knowledge is slim to none I did what any good lessee should do: I informed the owner and sought an opinion on immediate care from the barn manager. Nobody seemed concerned except me so I guess I’ll just keep an eye on him and at least make sure the little cuts on his heel and coronet band heal up well.

In honor of Laundry Day at the EquiNovice homestead, I bring you this extremely delayed riff on a couple of previous blog hops from Viva Carlos and Equestrian at Hart. I had to go dig to remember who originally posed these hop questions so that’s gotta be worth something, eh? These blog hops gave fellow riders the chance to show their equestrian fashion in two ways: clothes they like to ride in and horse related clothing that puts the quotation marks on “fashion”.

I will wear jeans and t-shirts to ride if I am volunteering before riding and I have worn some makeshift gear to riding lessons, especially in my earlier days. But to my lessons nowadays I like to wear polos, schooling tights, and my Mountain Horse Richmonds (which are the only non-custom boots I can find that will fit my giant calves…too bad they’re like 2in too short because apparently if you have wide calves, you cannot also be tall.) I wear either Noble Outfitter or a well-loved pair of SSG Work ‘n Horse gloves and to top it off I wear a super uncool/unpopular brand of helmet that I happen to like very much because it fits me as if it were made for me. I have a hard time shelling out a lot of money for a helmet because occasionally I feel like helmet companies take advantage of the fact that “it’s your brain! why wouldn’t you spend $500?!?!” but I am not so sure one is more protective than the other. I think a good fit is the most important thing.


I like to wear golf polos and those suckers can be pricey so I collect them slowly and patiently stalk clearance sections until I get what I want. I am picky on fabric and cut because the last thing I want to be worrying about while I am riding is a shirt that is too tight, or too short for my longish torso. Taking this picture also made me realize that I DO NOT need anymore schooling tights. DO NOT NEED. I seem to always want more. Every time I see my size on sale, I compulsively put them in my online cart. I don’t always buy them, but clearly, I am set in the riding pants department.


Now to some fun(ny) stuff. I am no stranger to the collecting of horse related clothing items. I am awkwardly attracted to all things horse. If I am in a library or bookstore I will pick up a book purely because the cover art includes a horse. It may not be about horses at all but I am compelled. Perhaps more school text books should take advantage of this.


WEG 2010…can’t let it go. This isn’t even all of the branded apparel I own from this event. I volunteered there and it was a wondrous fairytale experience but it would be great to keep in mind that all of these items have dates on them…and therefore socially accepted “expiration” dates as well.



This pair is kind of hilarious because although I am a Spanish Horse enthusiast, I have only ever ridden one once. I thought I was so cool when I bought the green sweatshirt. ANCCE does not offer any apparel and this is the only time they partnered with a local designer/store in Seville, Spain (El Caballo) to offer branded apparel. I remember the first and only compliment I received wearing this sweatshirt was from a Caribou Coffee barista who told me she loved my sweater and asked where I got it and what ANCCE meant. After casually declaring “I bought it in Spain and ANCCE is the Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española,” I promptly felt like a total ass for multiple reasons. The maroon polo I bought at WEG 2010 after stopping by the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse booth to chat up the nice volunteers. The logo on that shirt represents the Royal Stables of Cordoba but more often than not, people assume it is a Crown Royal shirt. Sigh…I love whiskey, but not enough to wear a shirt.



Here is the rest of the collection. Not too terrible since these are all shirts I wear mostly to the barn among people who understand. haha

Draft horse shirt shout out to the best Belgian in the business!!!



I miss this…




I moved away about a month and a half ago and I haven’t been on a horse since… it is torture. I found a barn here that I am going to check out soon so hopefully I’ll be able to start up my blog again but until then maintain holding pattern.



Here are a few stills from a video I took of a recent ride. We have improved a lot in the past three months! I know I am getting more sensitive while I am riding which allows me to more effectively respond and make changes to my own position. I can tell I am beginning to take a more active role in riding and noticing a little more everytime how the subtle changes I make can affect my horse. This is what I desperately wanted to understand just a year and a half ago and simply couldn’t make the connection. Teaching muscle memory takes time and I am building those connections everytime I ride. I am continually grateful for the opportunity to work with Kate and the patient instruction we receive.

She is pretty cute.

She is one special drafty! swl