Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019

This equestrian blogging community we have built is pretty great. Tracy at Printable Pony has been carefully orchestrating a Secret Santa gift exchange for several years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating. It is so much fun trying to pick out gifts- I don’t always nail it every year but I sure try hard because everyone that gets my name seems to go above and beyond for me, too.




Without fail, every year I have participated, I have discovered new-to-me blogs that I add to my reading lists. I’m not the most outgoing person so the number of bloggers I have met in person is very low, but this international network is still a huge comfort and a wonderful resource. I can’t even tell you the number of times in daily conversation at my barn or with local friends that I preface a statement with, “I read number of blogs and a fellow blogger mentioned…” I have learned so much about other disciplines, general horse care, training, and how different the experience of owning a horse is depending on where you live! It is a joy to come together at the end of the year and share a little bit with each other.

This year my “Santa” was Ashlyn at Pembrokes and Ponies. A “new-to-me” blog that I am really enjoying reading. Ashlyn stuffed my gift box full of treats and wrote the sweetest, most thoughtful note to explain all of the goodies!




This wasn’t even all of it, but I absconded immediately with the candy and EQluxe magazine she included.

I can’t wait to put the rest of the items to good use in the coming weeks. Ashlyn read on my blog about how much Bravo loves to get dirty- she sent along a huge helping hand in the form of Sport Horse Essentials Waterless Shampoo!




This will be such a huge help for the rest of the winter. I have been keeping a sheet on Bravo to save some time when I come out after work to see him but even with that he manages to get completely filthy.

Along the same lines, she send a brush/grooming tool cleaner that will be put to use this spring. My brushes get so grungy from dealing with his majesty all winter.




Since we all know that the act of grooming a horse is merely the process of transferring dirt from horse to the groomer, Ashlyn teed up a spa experience for me as well!




SO pumped for those.


The gifts just kept coming. I’m very intrigued with the all natural wound treatment from Rein Naturals. Bravo goes out with a group of playful geldings and although he is the boss, the others always get in a few good knocks. I’ll be trying this serum out on some recent bite marks.




And, as if ALLLLLLLL of that weren’t already enough, Bravo will be the lucky recipient of some Stud Muffins that her horses, Izzy and Diablo, were kind enough to share! He is going to have to be an extra good baby to get ahold of one of these tasty morsels.

Thank you SO much, Ashlyn, for spoiling Bravo and me this year with your generous gifts. Thank you to Tracy for organizing again, especially while she’s deep into the process of “printing” her own little “pony”!

Bravo and I hope you all had a lovely Holiday!





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