BIG Changes

Some monumental changes are coming down the pike for EquiNovice and her trusty steed! We are taking this show back up to the Northland!!!

Next month Bravo and I will be leaving southern Indiana and moving up to Minnesota. I somehow managed to get a new job during a pandemic and although the risk of change was great, I am very excited to take on a new challenge.




I have been out of the twin cities horse circle for nine years now and a lot has changed but I have found what I hope is a great new barn for Bravo with opportunities for training that weren’t available to us currently. Somepony is ’bout to go to bootcamp. Maybe he can think of it this way: we will both be starting new jobs together! I’ll be learning how to be a Product Manager while he is learning how to be a RIDING horse.




Logistics have been quite tricky during this time and I am still trying to pin down shipping for Bravo. I called Brook Ledge and they just said they couldn’t do that haul. Bummer. I’ve been in contact with some more local shippers- one up in Minnesota and one from Indiana thinking they might consider a point-to-point trip where they can at least pick-up or drop off at home base. Shipping Bravo might be the thing giving me the most anxiety in all of this, so any happy success stories would be very welcome!! Bravo hasn’t loaded in a trailer in a year and with the limited contact I’ve had with him for months now because of Covid-19, he’s reverted to some not so great ground manners. He’s not terrible, but he’s not easy anymore. There’s also the fact that long haul shipping is in big semi trailers and my barn can NOT accommodate that rig and the main road to the barn can barely accommodate a vehicle of that size so I am wringing my hands trying to solve this puzzle of where I could trailer him and have the shipper pick him up. And, of course, how I am possibly going to coordinate that with my own move. Sigh… much anxiety.




It will be sad to leave my friends and my barn mates here. Made worse by the fact that I can hardly say a proper goodbye and am forced to tell even my closest friends my news via zoom. In many ways I feel like I’m leaving in secret in the middle of the night but that’s just how it has to be right now. I try to let people know as I have all of my “lasts”. Bravo had his “last” chiro adjustment yesterday and in a couple weeks will have his “last” farrier visit. Moving is crazy in general, or maybe I’m just kind of oddly sentimental, I think about how the same person has cut my hair here for the past nine years and I guess I’ll just have to call and leave a message for her? She, of all people, has faithfully listened to me bitch about job frustrations or how bad I am at dating for almost a decade and I can’t even book one last appointment to share my news!?!? grumble grumble.




First world problems abound! Mostly, I am excited, hopeful, and grateful. Getting through this next month will be stressful but then it can start to feel like opening a new chapter. The best thing about the blogging community is that we can keep in touch with each other wherever we are! I can’t wait to share Bravo’s travel story and new digs with you all when we both get settled.






14 thoughts on “BIG Changes

  1. Congratulations on your new job and upcoming move! I moved across the country and back again with two horses and two cats (cats traveled with me while horses traveled with a commercial hauler). It is stressful but very “doable” with good planning. Sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row and will be nicely prepared. I, too, was very sentimental about all our “lasts” and “firsts” in the old and new place. It will give you lots to write about if nothing else!

    • Thank you! It’s comforting to hear that others have done it and it will all get worked out. And you’re right, there should be plenty of new blog post topics!!!

  2. I bet your parents are thrilled. Good luck. Things have a way of turning out just fine. Keep the faith. Love reading your blog.

    Kris From my iPad


  3. Congrats and I wish you luck! I had a hell of a time shipping my horse 10 minutes from his closing barn (developers) to his new one. I ended up having to call in a favor from a friend (but I also definitely overcompensated her!!)

  4. Congrats! I used Brook Ledge to move May from NJ to KY. My barn in NJ COULD NOT have handled a full rig. But they did the first few miles of any pick up with smaller trailers, not the big rigs.

    • Man, how do I find a crew that would do a small trailer pick-up like that!! I’m wracking my brain trying to think of a barn that’s on a bigger road or maybe seeing if he could stay at the vet or something… I’m bummed at this point because it feels like I can’t even throw money at it to fix this problem. People are just saying “no”. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but it might take a while.

  5. Oh I am such a mix of SO happy for you and so sad that you’re leaving us 😦 I’m really going to miss you! Best of luck with the move, make sure you reach out to Katlyn (Stubborn Together), she is a great Twin Cities horse stuff reference and a wonderful person!

    • SO SO bittersweet. I will miss you, too. I know we will get to stay in touch though, especially through blogging. Plus, you stop by the northland a fair amount so a visit can be arranged!! I will absolutely be reaching out to Katlyn. I have no “horse/barn” friends up here and I’m leaving so many wonderful people behind- it would be great to make a new friend.

  6. Quite the change at this point in the world. But congratulations. All change is hard but I’m sure you will find many adventures in this new chapter.

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